Much-needed RV kitchen accessories

Much-needed RV kitchen accessories

RV kitchens have limited space and storage, so selecting the right kitchen accessories is essential! Stocking a fully-equipped RV kitchenette is no small feat, but with the right RV kitchen accessories, you can make the most of your space. Look for items that serve multiple purposes, have dual-functionality, are miniature in size, are collapsible and stackable, functional, durable, and quiet. Above all, ensure they are items you will use and enjoy!

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If you love RV camping as much as I do, then these items will come in handy when traveling with your motorhome or travel trailer! They make meal prep so much easier by keeping everything organized inside the kitchen area and making sure that everything stays clean and sanitized at all times. Just remember not to use these appliances inside your RV because they can be quite dangerous if not used properly. But it’s worth it because they make cooking easier while also preventing injuries from accidents caused by improper use of these tools during travel. So pick up some new RV cookware sets today!

1. RV Microwave

An RV microwave is a great appliance for RVers looking to make life on the road easier and more convenient. RV microwaves are designed to fit in small areas and many are built with features like auto sensors, one-touch cooking, and other functions to make cooking easier. RV microwaves are typically smaller than home microwaves, so they can fit in limited spaces while still providing the same essential cooking functions

2. RV Coffee Pot

Coffee makers are essential in RV’s because they provide a convenient way to make hot coffee while on the road. By having a coffee maker, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee in your RV without having to stop at a coffee shop. RV coffee makers come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs and the size of your RV. Additionally, RV coffee makers are often designed to be more efficient and use less energy than traditional home coffee makers, making them a great option for RVers.

3. RV Paper Towel Holder

If you have a paper towel holder, then you know how important it is to keep your towels within easy reach. While this is especially true for those with small children or pets who like to play with them, it’s also helpful for anyone who likes to use their hands more than the toilet paper roll.

The RV paper towel holder is a great way of keeping paper towels from getting wet and making it easier for people with disabilities or limited mobility (or lack thereof) since they don’t need any assistance moving around while using one!

4. RV Dish Drainer

A dish drainer is a simple piece of equipment that you can use to keep your dishes clean and dry. It’s an essential part of every RV kitchen because it will make washing up easier when you’re on the road.

If you love having a clean kitchen in your motorhome, then this is one accessory that you should consider purchasing for yourself or as a gift for friends who love to travel.

The first thing we like about these dishwashers is how easy they are to install; all you have to do is attach them over your sink’s drain hole and plug them in nearby! There are also many different kinds of models available so finding one that fits your needs shouldn’t be too difficult at all!

5. RV Fridge Bar

If you are like me and have a taste for fresh food, then a refrigerator bar is the perfect accessory. This item is designed specifically for your RV fridge to keep all of your food items cold. With this one device, you will never have to worry about losing any of your favorite snacks or condiments again! Plus, having an ice maker built right into the bar means that you’ll always have plenty of ice cubes on hand when guests come over

6. RV Knife Rack

A knife rack is a great way to keep your knives organized and easy to find. It can help protect the blades from dulling, which would otherwise happen if they’re just laying around on a counter or hanging on the wall. If you’ve ever tried cleaning up after having guests over for dinner, then you know what I’m talking about!

You might also want to consider adding one of these racks under your kitchen sink so that all of your utensils are easy to access when washing dishes at home or camping out in the wild

7. RV Pot Rack

A pot rack is a great way to hang your pots and pans. It’s also useful if you need to hang utensils, food containers, or cups/mugs. The best part is that they come in different styles, so you can choose one that fits with your RV kitchen decor!

Just like any other accessory item for your RV kitchen, it is important to ensure that the pot rack will be able to withstand the weight of all items being hung on it. If possible try using a couple of different-sized hooks (like hooks made from stainless steel) at each end so there will be enough room for larger items like skillets or stock pots without hitting against each other too much when placed on top of each other.”

8. Over the Sink Cutting Board

Over the Sink Cutting Boards is a great RV kitchen accessory for RVers who want to make the most of their limited counter space. These boards are designed to fit over the sink and provide a cutting surface without taking up extra counter space. Most over-the-sink cutting boards are made from durable materials such as plastic, wood, or stainless steel, and they often come with features like adjustable rubber feet and a juice groove to prevent spills. Over-the-sink cutting boards can also be used as a prep area for cooking and are easy to clean and store.

You will not regret using these accessories when you are on your trip to the great outdoors or even if you’re just camping in your backyard!

When you are on the road, there is nothing better than having a full-size kitchen to make all of your meals. These accessories will help you out in this area and more! They can be installed easily and quickly so that you’ll have no problems at all when it comes time to cook dinner. Not only do these items look great in any RV kitchen, but they also come with high-quality materials that will last for years without needing replacement.

If you want something that looks great but still performs well, then these accessories are perfect for any camper or outdoor enthusiast who wants an easy way to get started cooking delicious food while traveling around town or camping in their backyard!


In conclusion, RV kitchen accessories are essential for RVers to make the most of their limited space and storage. To be sure you’re selecting the best items for your RV kitchen, look for items that serve multiple purposes, are dual-functional, miniature in size, collapsible and stackable, functional, durable, and quiet. With the right RV kitchen accessories, you can make mealtime easier, maximize storage, and bring comfort and convenience to your RV kitchenette.

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